Nvironmental degradation impacts of Timber production. sourcing and use in construction

Important :The Essay should be in article format for the above topic mentioned.

You should pitch the article at other professionals, make it lively and informative whilst maintaining professional integrity. You should address learning outcomes 1,2 and 4 below. Making OUTLINE recommendations of how best to mitigate the impacts you have identified. This means that you will need to be concise in your writing

The article should be referenced using the university standard Harvard system.

Learning outcomes of this module are that you will be able to:

1. Consider the implications of recent international, European and national policies for environmental protection on the management of organisations and projects within the construction industry
2. Analyse the implications of environmental management for a proposed project; and
3. Evaluate the relative merits of formal and informal environmental management systems for organisations within the construction industry
4. Make recommendations for action based on constraints and opportunities

Marking Scheme.
Description of issue
Identification of factors
Mitigation of impacts
Referencing & Presentation