Nvironmental discloures in Food and Drink Industry ( Management Accounting)

A number of firms voluntarily disclose their environmental information. You are required to research the environmental disclosures by a sample of firms (at least four) within Food and Drinkindustry and prepare a report in which you discuss the following:
1.How much has been saved or what is the incteased costs due to environmental actions
2.The packaging reduciton efforts and the resulting savings/increased costs (savings can be expressed in non-financial terms)
3.The recycling acrivities both for their own products as well as the materials they receive from suppliers
4.How much reduction in contaminating residues has been reported
5.The ectent of use of bar graps and pie chatts to describe their environmental performance
6. The kinds of performance measures being used
7. the resons they offer for providing environmental information and finally
8. Whether you think environmental reporting will inmrove performance

About the firms, I want NESTLE is one of them.