Nvironmental economics. Article review 4

Write a journal review with the following instructions.

Usually about 2-3 pages in length, using APA format
Article must be from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
Article may not be more than five years old
Article must focus on economics related to or applied to an environmental issue or problem
State at the beginning of the review the name, volume and date of the periodical
State the article name, page numbers and author(s) name, with exact sourcing (where it was found)
Give a brief summary of what the article said (approximately 350-400 words) including relevant economic data and/or research methodology presented
Conclude with your comments including:
why you chose the article
your impression of the article
what, in your opinion, is the significance of what the article said
how the article relates to the course
Include a proper APA citation at the end of the review
This course uses automatic plagiarism checking software (Turnitin).