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this assignment related to another assignment that i did before. i will attach my first assignment and the feedback that i got for that to let you see the condition required.
there is file called structure which the highlighted parts on it showing the main structure for this essay, also there are two examples to show how the structure works in writing.

Assessment #2 Research paper (Graded)
AIM: The aim of this assignment is to undertake focussed research which examines how contemporary architects are addressing the issue of sustainability in an ever expanding, changing and complex world.

TASK: Assessment Two comprises a research paper which investigates one of the themes outlined in Assessment One, expanding on material delivered in lectures, the course readings, and as outlined in your abstract. Assessment Two is undertaken on an individual basis.

Use the themes outlined for Assessment One to provide the title for your essay. You will select your own subtitle to this theme, and investigate a specific area in sustainable design which:
a? Is relevant, interesting and engaging for you and the reader
a? Must be related to the field of sustainability
a? Must be related to the field of architecture
a? Provides targeted research beyond that delivered by course material
a? Will be of use to you and others in future design projects and architectural practice
Assessment CRITERIA: see assessment feedback sheet.

Submission FORMAT:
a? Research paper of approximately between 1800-2000 words (excluding abstract or bibliography) which may include case studies and illustrations
a? Detailed bibliography demonstrating the breadth of research undertaken from a variety of sources (peer reviewed books, journals, academic papers, web)
a? A format guide will be provided via the course web site which must be adhered to in preparation of your paper
a? The paper must be submitted electronically through learnonline.
Important note: refer to the Academic Integrity section of this handout to ensure that you do not inadvertently or deliberately plagiarise.

Plagiarism includes:
a? direct copying of the work or data of other persons, from one or more sources, without clearly indicating the origin. This includes both paper-based and electronic sources.
a? using very close paraphrasing of sentences or whole clauses without due acknowledgment in the form of reference to the original work
If you are unsure how to reference your work, the Learning Connection resource edu.au/learningconnection/student/studying/referencing.asp provides a variety of acceptable methods.