Nvironmental Ethics Assignment 2. updated

Instructions are below. Ive attached my first draft but the essays need to be separate as the instructions require. You can use what i started with and add another two pages. Let me know if you have any questions. Use as many sources as needed. At least four.

Instructions: Complete an essay for each of the following four questions. Essays should be fully developed, including an introduction, body, and conclusions, with proper citations and references per APA guidelines. So each essay should be labeled essay 1, essay 2 and so on.

1. Are zoos immoral? Consider weekly readings (and outside research as necessary) to defend your response. Do not just provide me your opinion, rather support your opinion by drawing upon the readings and comparing and contrasting the differing views.
2. Explain the original and literal Tree huggers.How are these activists related to environmental ethics?
3. Starhawk discusses how protection of the environment can be based on the sacredness of the earth as well as the fact that human life depends on ecosystems to survive. Are there any similarities between these rationales for protecting the environment and those presented in the other essays on the Greening of Spirituality, such as Izzi Deenas view that the earth was not solely created to serve mankind?
4. Compare and contrast the weak animal rights and strong animal rights positions.