Nvironmental Factors Influencing Thinkers

Refer to Tactics 3-2 on page 61 of your text: Environmental Factors Influencing Thinkers. In a 2-3 page paper in APA format:

a ¦Reflect on your culture(American) and how it might affect your critical thinking habits of the mind.
a ¦Then think of someone you work with who comes from a culture different from yours.
a ¦Next think of a patient from a different culture. How do you think those persons would answer the questions?

Include a minimum of two scholarly sources

T A C T I C S 3 2

Environmental Factors Influencing Thinkers

Think about your environment. Generally speaking:
1. Where does it fall on the continuum from status quo thinking to our
description of thinking heaven?
2. What is your position in that environment?
3. Can you influence the working culture?
4. How could you influence it?
5. Make a list of things you can influence in your environment that would
make it more thinking-friendly.