Nvironmental factors which affect Organization and HR function and activities

The assignment will be assessed by a Report of approximately 1,500 words and requires you to use the PESTLE framework to analyse the environmental factors that are having an impact on your organisation or one with which you are familiar. Having identified the various environmental factors you are required to focus on two in particular that you feel are of particular importance at the present time. You are asked to provide reasons for your two choices and assess their impact on the HR function and HR activities.

Your report should include the following;
– An identification of the environmental factors within the PESTLE framework that are exerting an impact on your chosen organisation at the present time.
– A more detailed focus upon TWO factors giving reasons for your selection.
– The issue that these two factors are raising for the HR function and the management of human resources generally within your chosen organisation.
– A consideration of the limitations of the PESTLE framework for management decision-making and how these might be overcome.

Assessment Criteria
– evidence of wide and relevant research
– identification of key issue
– clear understanding and application of PESTLE for your chosen organisation
– analysis of two aspects of the environment and their impact on HRM
– clear and well structured presentation of the above
– appropriate conclusion and recommendations where appropriate
– appropriate referencing and bibliography

Two factors of my choice
1. An aspect of technological change such as the introduction of an HRIS, which include Online performance management (Goal setting, Performance and Review), SAP HR data maintenance, Talent Assessment, e-learning, Stock option (online account)

In the past 4 years, I have worked for two large multinational US owned organisation; Applied Biosystems and Coca Cola Company. Both companies have huge globalization in place, working not in Legal entity basis, but in Business Division/Function/ Profit centre basis. I would like to therefore focus on 1) this divisional function and operation (pro and con) and 2) standardised HR function (grading system, compensation and benefit level, etc)