Nvironmental Graphic Design: Its Importance and Affection in Human Life

This Essay should consider the use of Graphic Design and Architecture as well as other public spaces such as transport for example. Its over century coexistence should be considered as well, their puropses and the meaning of a joint use of the two artistic practices of architecture / design and graphic design. You should consider not only how this has shaped the cities but also the lives of their inhabitants. (it would be good if you could find an example from London).

Please include its emergence culturally, socially and economically as well as contemporary examples today. An example you could look at is the Across the Buildings Projectfrom Kings Cross and the Beautification of Public Spaces.

Examples you could look at (but I leave it up to you if you want to use exactly these ones, if you find better ones go ahead) *** This is just for you to get a better idea of the topic ***

The new York Public Library for the Performing arts, by Pouilin and Morric Inc.

MOMA QNS Sign Program (by Two Twelve Associates)
Greenpix Zero Media Wall (by Simone Giostra & Partners)
Urban Photographic Murals in Rio de Janeiro

In terms of Cultural Theory you could look at the broken window theory as well as natural surveillance. (However I leave it up to YOU what you think works well for this essay)

The learning outcomes of this essay should be:

1. A detailed understanding and awareness of current developments in criticism, communication and/ or curation (MC Subject Knowledge)
2. The ability to sustain a focused study and gain depth of knowledge and understanding of a subject within cultural history and theory (e.g art, design, architecture, popular culture) (MC Subject knowledge)
3. A considered and sustained use of research, analysis, experiment and reflection to develop, resolve and understand your London Project (MC Research, Experimentation, Analysis, Personal and professional development)
4. The ability to demonstrate an ability to solve problems and make decisions within a self-initiated brief (MC Experimentation, Technical competence Personal and professional development, Collaborative and/or Professional working)
5. The ability to communicate effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences using written, visual and verbal methods (Subject Knowledge, Communication and presentation)