Nvironmental health impact assessment.(3)

Practical Approach for Implementing a HIA

This component of assessment will provide an opportunity to put into practice the implementation of HIA on a project of choice. You will need to identify a prospective real or fictitious case study for this assignment and it is preferable that this case be in your geographical area so that you will have some familiarity with the issues involved. A manual has been included that provides background and guidelines to assist students in the various stages of implementing an HIA. Worksheets are provided and should be incorporated to assist with the data collection, presentation, analysis and evaluation.

Students are expected to demonstrate how the general principles of an HIA can be applied to the case study, and are encouraged to identify problems obtaining and carrying out the HIA given the nature of the case, location and circumstances specific to the area and / or country it is in
i have to contact my tutor prior to commencing the assignment for authorisation of the project