Nvironmental impact and cost of managing mining waste

This is a masters degree coursework.
The aim is for the report to undertake a critical appraisal of the issues surrounding a topic related to a?wastea?. The required writing style is in the a?op-eda? format. The style, a?op-eda? is an abbreviation of a?opposite the editorial pagea?, and relates to articles traditionally published in newspapers. However, some scientific journals are now using this style to allow authors to write articles which express opinions, supported with facts. Note that it is a?an informed viewa?.

a?An op-ed is an opinion piece that presents an informed view on a newsworthy topic, emphasizing the authors insight and unique expertise. They are opinion pieces but facts, statistics and anecdotes help to shore up the argument and lend coloura¦. The style of an op-ed should be lively and provocative, with a clear message and a transparent structure. Reading an op-ed should not be hard work for the general public.a?
This information should then be used to argue a point of view which is personal, that forms the focus of the a?op-eda? piece. In order to address this aim you need to identify a waste related topic that is, in your opinion, a?newsworthya?. What issues about waste do you find interesting, that make you angry, or that you have thought about or observed recently? What do friends and family think? Then assemble information on the waste itself, the issues around it, and any associated technological, social or political considerations.
To correctly cite a journal article, you need to use it in the correct place in your text. Read some articles to see how this is done (the Viewpoint articles in Environmental Science and Technology use a number system, which you may do if you wish). However, I suggest using names, as in the wonderful article on activated sludge below (McAdam et al., 2010). If there were only two authors, it would be (McAdam and Another, 2010), or just one author (McAdam, 2010). Do note that et al. has both a full stop (.) and comma (,). a?et al.a? is an abbreviation for et alii and as alli is abbreviated, we use the full stop, and the comma is a separator from the date. As it is from Latin, it is frequently put in italics
Especially use the literature that will be emailed shortly to do this coursework and argue about the negative impacts of mining to humans and the environment.
If anymore information is required kindly hasten to contact me.
Note the references should be from