Evaluate the extent to which the EIA process can be used as a design tool and can contribute to the enhancement of positive impacts rather than just the mitigation of negative impacts.
Propose reforms to current procedures in order to maximise the value of EIA as a design tool.

The following essay should be 3000 words

(Please draw some literature from guest speakers documents attached state the aspect they are use as a design tool and reference them)

Please note the following advice in relation to this work

a) Essays should combine academic and applied discussion and analysis. In relation to academic content, the essay should draw on the wider literature and should include supporting references. In relation to applied content, the essay should draw upon experience derived from real examples and case studies to illuminate issues of wider relevance.

b) It is crucial that you select key issues that you deem to be significant and present them clearly and persuasively. Your introduction should explain and justify your choice.

c) Your mark for this work will reflect:
1. The extent to which your essay directly addresses the essay topic.
2. Your selection of the key issues that you deem to be significant.
3. The structure, logic and clarity of your argument.
4. Evidence of a critical approach to the topic (rather then a descriptive approach).
5. How well referenced the essay is (i.e. amount, quality and how updated references are, but also how professionally/correctly is list of references and referencing within the text.
7. The depth of your understanding of the subject area  this will be done partly by reference
to your choice of issues, but more importantly by the way in which you address those issues
and the connections that you draw in your argument.

d) Note that the assessment of point 7 above is only possible for essays that are clear, well argued and well structured, i.e. even if you have a highly developed understanding of the EIA process, a poorly argued essay might obscure this from the marker.

e) Please impose an explicit structure by having numbered sub-headings that are closely linked to the overall argument of your essay (N.B. 1st section is the  introduction and the final is the  conclusions ).

f) You may consider the use of boxes to put more descriptive material  such as case study material.

g) The essay should be well referenced and include references not only from books but also from papers published in international refereed journals.

h) Please make sure you mix, compare and contrast your references. It is not acceptable for example to have three pages of your essay drawn completely from a single reference  even if you are paraphrasing, it may run the risk to be marked as plagiarism.

i) Please use the Harvard system of referencing for all references, i.e. including all electronic

j) Don t write the essay for the marker  instead write them for an averagely educated reader.

l) Make sure you distinguish between a problem with EIA process in theory with one in practice. It is important that EIA is evaluated not just in theory but, very importantly, in relation to its application in the real world.
Harvard System

mostly journals