Nvironmental impact of carbon fuel consumption ( cars, taxis, buses, air plane…)

DUE: Saturday before 3 p.m.

Background. To start this paper, read the following article: 22impact.html and then watch this film: lifestyle choice that you are examining.

(my choice is to focus on the carbon fuel consumption such as reducing the use of cars, taxis or anything that we use daily that consume fuel,…)

Focus on one of the lifestyle changes that Beavan (or a member of his family) makes. Do research on that lifestyle change. In your research you should answer these questions:

1. What is the scope impact of the original product or lifestyle behavior? In other words, what consumption and/or impact statistics exist for this product/lifestyle behavior?

2. What are the best suggested alternatives a person could follow to reduce impact?

3. What is your opinion of/ reaction to the suggested alternatives? Do you think they are workable? Do you see any drawbacks?

Your research should include at least three REPUTABLE articles. You may use articles from the WSU library databases or from the Internet, but they should be excellent sources.

The paper in question will be written as an APA-formatted research essay with the introduction being the synthesis, the transition being the focus on lifestyle changes, a thesis that focuses on the research findings, and a body that develops the answer by incorporating your research.