Nvironmental Impact of Urban Tourism in Bath

Individual presentation on urban tourism fieldwork
(1500 words equalling) 45% of module
This is a 15 minutes presentation, outlining the nature of the research project you will undertake in a European destination (using MS PowerPoint). Presentation should include
1. Background to the project
2. Concept and relevant theories
3. Proposed methodology
4. Time table-master and UT

Background to the project
The nature of urban tourism, information about the destination, urban tourism in chosen city; potential for shopping/cultural/arts/heritage etc. tourism as appropriate; previous research
Concept and relevant theories
Theories of tourism motivation, theories of cultural/heritage/urban/religious etc. tourism; theories of consumption; tourist typologies; tourism enclaves and bubbles; management and business concepts.
Proposed methodology
The porpose of the project, aims, objectives and research questions. Discussion of methods to be used and justification for choice. Likely methods of analysis, hypothesis of predictions. The focus of the project.

This is the first part of the main assignment of urban tourism and I have to present in 15th of march 2011. The selected destination is BATH, UK and my topic is environmental impact of urban tourism in Bath.
We are going to Bath on end of the march for data collection.
I also attached some articles that may help to the writer. And original assignment sheet. This includes all 3 parts. But here I am only doing part 1
Most importantly I need to be done by Monday morning before 1 pm, as im gonna present this in Tuesday.
Thank you.