Nvironmental influences on tumour development and spread

The majority of cancer related deaths occur not because of the primary tumour, but
through the ability of the tumour to spread and colonize other organs, a process known as
metastasis. The  seed and soil theory was proposed over 100 years ago by Stephen Paget,
whereby metastasis results through interaction of the cancer cell (seed) with the specific
environment of the colonized organ (soil). In contrast some 40 years later an alternative
mechanism relying simply on mechanical entrapment in the selected organ was
proposed. It is perhaps however only recently that the true impact of the interaction of
tumour cells with the surrounding micro-environment is being fully appreciated. It is now
known that the process is mediated by soluble factors, cell-cell or cell-matrix contacts
which combine and interact with characteristics of the tumour to influence the ultimate
outcome. Discuss with examples factors that help to dictate the pattern of tumour spread,
and is there still a place for mechanical entrapment in metastasis?

the esseay should be completed as follow;
it is divided into 2 sections
1) outline: in this part you have to write under heading and subheading all the contents of the essay but breifely. the references no less than 25.
2) you start to talk in details all the points that you mentioned in the outline. reference no less than 10.
the final essay should involve 3000 words.
all the points in the question MUST be covered in each section.

i add some references give you start.

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