Nvironmental issues and U.S. manufacturing

Environmental issues and U.S. manufacturing

Create and submit for evaluation on or before March 28th, a paper version of a double-spaced report of 12pt text comprising at least five pages, including abstract, main theme and conclusions, which responds to the above sentence. In addition, create a sixth page; the cover-page. Append a seventh page that presents a list citing the sources that were used to develop the report.

Your report should include the following topics.
Is global warming a reality?
Should it really concern our manufacturing industries?
How do American industries compare environmentally with those of other developed western nations? Good? Bad?
How do they compare with those in the developing world?
Should the regulations governing pollution and ecologically sound a?best practicesa? distilled from numerous nations worldwide be enforced in all nations? Should the poor developing nations abide by the same rules?
As the worldas only superpower, should the USA assume a leadership role in establishing environmental regulations for all nations?