Nvironmental issues in China and the role of government

Thesis Statements: For this assignment, here is a guide:

How to write a thesis statement and what I expect

I do not expect that the thesis statement that you submit for this assignment is the thesis statement that you will end up with on your final paper, or even on your rough draft. I realize that this is a process, but it does help to have a map of where you would like to end up. That is what a good thesis statement will provide.

What is a thesis statement?

More than likely, once you submit your thesis statement, and I grade it, I will send it back with changes and suggestions. I would like you to be aware of a few things though, even before we get started. A good thesis statement will be the backbone of your paper. It will guide each paragraph and also make your paper much more interesting. What I am referring to when I say a?thesis statement,a? is an argument. Please be aware, that a college level history term paper is not just a random collection of facts. It needs to have an argument/or a point of view. I realize that some high schools and possibly international students may not have encountered this before. However, I am absolutely positive that any college level paper will require this. Trust me, I empathize with you, and have (as an undergrad and graduate student) written hundreds of papers that all included a strong thesis statement (and those that didnat were usually sent back to me for rewriting).

How should you word your thesis?

I would like to encourage you to be both forceful and focused when writing a thesis statement. Also, although I am aware that there are some courses that require you to write thesis statements that begin with a?The purpose of this papera? or a?I intend to prove…a? I do not want to see that. Your thesis statement does not need a?the purpose of this paper is…a? because the thesis is the purpose of the paper. It does not need the pronoun a?Ia?, a?myselfa?, or a?mea?, because nobody else should be writing your paper. A few general examples:

1. a?It is necessary that the Indian government puts a stronger emphasis on their national population policy to avoid a population crisis.a?

2. a?It is imperative for the Chinese government to consider the implications of an environmentally damaged country.a?

3. a?AIDS in South Africa is the single most dangerous threat to their democracy and economic growth, and only through education and proactive government policies will there be success.a?

These are not perfect examples, but they do demonstrate that there is an inherent argument that the paper will then attempt to prove or demonstrate. This is where your research will pay off.

D. a?I really donat know what my argument is yet…a?

If you really are not ready to turn in a full thesis statement at this point, then you should spend time developing it. The way to do this is to start writing down several prepared questions. What I mean is this: a thesis statement is really your argument that answers a question. To illustrate, the following questions all correlate with the thesis statements above:

a?What is the role of the Indian government on population growth?a?

a?How should China deal with their environmental issues?a?

a?How is AIDS affecting South Africa?a?

So, if you are not really sure what the answer to your question is yet then use your questions while you look at your research. These should be specific questions and if your reserach is good, then the answer (that is evident in your research will be your thesis statement. Then it just becomes a question of writing and editing to be the strongest and most focused thesis that you can develop.

Nvironmental issues in China and the role of government

you should have 4 sources. They should be formatted correctly (MLA) and then for each source you should write 2 paragraphs (for a total of 8 paragraphs). The first paragraph will be a brief synopsis of the source -what is it about? The second paragraph will be an analysis of the source: is it useful? is it trustworthy? How will it be used in your project? Are there any biases to it? If there is bias, how will you account for that? Please note that although many sources may have some type of bias, that doesnt mean you cant use them, just that you need to be aware of it and account for it -perhaps by acknowledging it, or perhaps by offering a different viewpoint. I just want you to be able to critically analyze and read your sources, so that you are able to choose the best sources for your project.