Nvironmental Management and Audit Environmental Risk Assessment


The assessment requirements are as follows:


Choosing one of the following tools: Risk assessment, Life cycle analysis and Cost Benefit analysis.

 Critically assess the tool in relation to environmental management .

Vital parts of the essay which must be addressed:
” An understanding of the issues, science and philosophy that underpin environmental management
” Understand and critically appraisals methods used for identifying and assessing the impact that a process or company can have on the environment
Failure to address both of the above will result in failure of the assignment

Thorough essay details:

Actual essay question

Taking one of the tools discussed: Risk analysis, cost benefit analysis or lifecycle assessment critically assess the ability of it to meet the needs of environmental management and whether it can be used in this manner effectively

Your essay needs to examine the complex interacting nature of the environment (35%)

Explain why it is essential to assess the potential effects on the environment (10%)

Then critically assess the merits of one of the following tools (Risk assessment, Lifecycle Analysis or Cost Benefit Analysis) in relation to needs of environmental management (45%)

Discuss how the tool does or does not assist in meeting the needs of environmental management with particular reference to whether the approach taken is holistic enough to enable the environmental manager to gain a clear picture of the situation.

Just to clarify in case there is a misunderstanding you keep to the same tool throughout the essay. So if you choose risk then you assess risk thoroughout and its ability to assist the environmental manager and to deal with the complex nature of the environment which you will have explained.

It all relating to Environmental management and audit in the UK etc.

Hope you are able to help?

I was browsing the net and I noticed a couple of Universities have some notes available on this topic, Ill see if I can send those through too if you agree to take on the task for me.

PS. If you want to pick one of the other tools eg. Life cycle analysis or Cost Benefit analysis instead of risk assessment because you know more about these etc then that is fine but obviously the essay I sent through earlier is all based on the chosen tool: ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT.