Nvironmental management and sustainable development

The Assignment is in open book exam format, I will attach the materials as soon as finishing placing the order and entering the discussion bord.

Part A (10 marks) no more then 500 words
Do you think that the principles set out in Selected Reading 2.8 are of help in the fight to preserve environmental amenity? If so why so. If not why not?

Part B (20 marks) no more then 1500 words
Read case 1 and attached reading materials answer each of the questions which follow in no more than 400 words for each answer.
1. What are the likely effects of the Montreal Protocol and the report of the Ozone Trends
Panel on the market structure of chlorofluorocarbons? On the political marketplace?

2. What are the implications for Du Pont? What are Du Pont s options?

3. What would you recommend that Joe Glas do? Why? (Explain your criteria and reasoning,
with careful reference to appropriate exhibits.)

(c) Comment on whether the case is appropriate and relevant to the content of module 4.
(Maximum words: 300)