Nvironmental Management and Sustainable Health


Learning Outcomes
1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of the concept of Environmental Management linked to Health
2 Critically analyse climate change and health public policies.
3 Demonstrate a critical awareness of the concept of sustainable development in relation to the health arena.
4 To articulate sustainable strategies to benefit (human) health in terms of Environmental Management practices.

TITLE : Review of Wolverhampton Sustainability Strategy and Implementation Plan (2013-18).
Your 3500 report will provide a critical review of Wolverhamptoni??s sustainability strategy and Implementation plan, including recommendations for enhancement. The report will address the following:
i?? Identify and critique one sustainable Environmental Management practice aligned to the Wolverhampton Strategy which will benefit human health.
i?? Identify, review and critique one method to tackle climate change within the strategy.
i?? Provide a critical discussion of sustainable development as defined by the strategy.
i?? Provide two recommendations to enhance the strategy in terms of Sustainability and/or Environmental Management.