Nvironmental Management for Airline and Airport Development


You are to produce an essay on the an Aviation Industry Operator of 1000 words (+/-10%)

The report should be submitted using MS Word, Arial Font 11 and double-line spacing.

Your report should be able to
” Identify and critically evaluate the significance of environmental effect and impacts arising from activities in the aviation industry.

” Synthesise information and ideas in order to plan strategic responses to challenges relating corporate environmental performance

” Apply management skills in structuring roles and responsibilities for the attainment of improved corporate environmental performance

” Elucidate required changes in corporate culture and management to formulate and implement environmental policy objectives and critically evaluate the effectiveness of such measures taken in the aviation industry.

The assignment task

Suppose that you are an environmental consultant and have been asked by aviation industry operator to produce information on one of the key environmental issues related to that operator.

Your task is to complete the following task:

” Identify the type of operator. (Here, you may choose to work with Airline operator or the Airport operator. You need to specify which one by its name. for example American Airway , EasyJet , BAA or British Airways )

” Identify your chosen environmental issue (only one from this list of suitable environmental issues which include:

I. wildlife loss,
II. habitat loss,

III. waste,

IV. energy management,

V. damage to landscapes,

VI. air quality, climate change,

VII. noise,

VIII. water consumption,

IX. Water pollution, and so on) and explain how the operator is involved with the issue.

” Critically evaluate the effect of the issue you have identified on the profitability of Aviation operator ( Might be airline or airport operator)

” Explain how the environmental management system (EMS) could be used to address the issue

” Critically evaluate the likely usefulness of an EMS to your chosen operator

” Relevant example of good (or bad) practices drawn from aviation and other industry sector should be supplied where appropriate .you should use the example from a range of different operators rather than relying on only one or two as sources

” Clear analysis and in depth discussion are required. Demonstrate critical evaluation in your response; for example, consider not only the strengths but also the weaknesses and limitations of EMSshow the effective, or limited, is an EMS I improving business performance and improving environmental performance?

” It is also important that you demonstrate in your responses an understanding of the links between the theory and practice

” Your response should be structured in the logical manner. Points should be properly explained and clearly related to the task

” Evidence of research using the Harvard referencing system must be supplied

 Assessment criteria (Your work must take into account 100% of these criteria)

Explanation of how your chosen aviation operator is involved with the issue 20%

Critical evaluation of the effect of the issue on the profitability of your operator; looking both things in deferent perspectives (Different angle) 20%

Explanation how a management system could be used to address the issue 30%

Critical evaluation of likely usefulness of an EMS to the New York JFK Airport operator 10%

Structure, clarity and use of language 10%

References from varied and appropriate sources clearly cited within the text of the essay using the Harvard system with full reference list provided 10%

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Academic Books, Journals, paper review,trusted websites. Harvard referencing system is required