Nvironmental management plan for a sustainable prison

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EMS planning elements for a 1000 bed Sustainable Prison.
You are to provide the key EMS planning elements for a 1000 bed Sustainable Prison. These are: an Environmental Policy, Impacts & Aspects Register, a list Objectives and Targets and a Sustainable Development Plan.
1. A Sustainable Environment Policy (1page)
ensure covering sustainability, carbon accounting & climate adaptation issues
2. An Impacts and Aspects Register
a?List around 20 Environmental Aspects.
a?Select the 10 most significant environmental aspects
a?A list the relevant legislation applicable to each environmental aspect.
(Use the attached procedure to identify and rank significant environmental aspects)
3. A Table of Objectives and Targets & Environmental Management Program(use Table provided)
a?A list of 10 Objectives, Targets and KPIs
a?List the actions, responsibilities and timeframes that will assist you achieve your objectives
4. Prepare a Sustainable Development Plan for the prison
a?A short scope of the prison and stakeholders
a?Discuss ten (10) environmental features that will assist your prison minimizes its environmental footprint.
Indicate how each of these environmental features will assist the prison address sustainability, carbon accounting and climate adaptation issues
Environmental features may include design, administrative & engineering controls, training and awareness programs and communication programs.