Nvironmental Paper, Our Stolen Future, Chapter 4 Hormone Havoc

The paper is over one chapter from the book our stolen futureby Colborn, Dumanowski, and Myers. I chose chapter 4 Hormone Havoc
Here are some of the requirements for the Environmental paper:
Synopsis (summary) of the chapter you have chosen,
Give reasons why you think the authors did or did not appear to have followed the scientific method.
What should they have done to give credence to their findings?
Is the problem local, regional, or global?
At the current rate will the problem escalate or stay the same?
Can the problem be rectified; address this from an idealistic and a realistic view.
Does this issue effect you know or will it in the future?
What can be done to reverse the trend and is there anything you can do personally?

Find a minimum of 5 SCIENTIFIC sources that support or refute the authors findings.