Nvironmental Pollution Simulation Review and Summary

a? Complete the following three sections of the simulation:

o a?All That Smokea?
o a?A Heap of Trasha?
o a?The Energy Quandarya?

a? For each section of the simulation, make decisions on the optimal measure for addressing the pollution management issue.

a? Analyze the optimal measure for addressing the issue using the Effect Prism, balancing popular acceptance, budget use, and pollution reduction.

a? Provide rationale for the pollution reduction measures chosen from an environmental science perspective.

a? Review any feedback on decisions and performance provided, including the effectiveness and acceptance levels for the chosen decisions.

a? Discuss trade-offs for the various pollution reduction measures.

For example, bringing in legislation to install pollution control devices in factories may sound like a good choice, but installation of such devices is a huge expense, and there is likelihood of strong opposition by business groups.