Nvironmental Property Law: Space Strategies and Legislation Scenario Report.

Read the scenario attached. You are asked to identify the legislation that may be involved and discuss their practical application to the scenario in terms of the procedures to be followed, in the form of a report that may be addressed to either the Landlord or the Tenant.

As it is impracticable to provide more detailed information, you will have to make a number of assumptions to ensure coherence. All your assumptions should be clearly stated.

Note: you are required to provide appropriate advice to the Landlord or to the Tenant on the resolution of the specific problems identified with respect to:
a? Dilapidations
a? Asbestosa?
a? Health and Safety matters
a? Equality Act (and DDA)a?
a? Fire Safety issues.
This is not generic advice on the application of the legislation but it is advice quite specific to the problems arising from the scenario described. All your assumptions must be clearly stated.

Specific Assessment Criteria
i · Evidence of research of the regulations applicable to the context of the question
i · Identification of aspects of the legislation relevant to the specific scenario
i · Practical application to the scenario provided
i · Clear and concise essay style, with appropriate use of appendices to provide a?supplementary information
i · Well referenced
i · Properly structured

Referencing Requirements:
Your report must be fully referenced and include a bibliography. You can use more sources than the number given if needed.
All work must be fully referenced. A list of references with at least 20% of the sources that are not refereed must be included.