Nvironmental protection and Economic developement

Essay 2: Controversy Analysis

Whatas this paper about?
Now that you have some experience analyzing the way one argument is put together, you are ready to look at the ways that several arguments about a single issue are put together. Most complex issues have numerous viewpoints, and these viewpoints might be expressed in multiple ways.
For this essay, you will research specific debates and discussions about a controversial issue, gaining knowledge about a range of viewpoints and offering an analysis of these viewpoints and their sources. Your essay will discuss and analyze at least 6 sources using the strategies you learned from the rhetorical analysis and the controversy analysis readings in WPL and SG.

But, what am I supposed to write about?
You will identify and analyze a specific, current, and ongoing controversy, one that meaningfully affects you. If one does not immediately spring to mind, you may want to start by scanning current newspapers and news sites to look for the controversies that are fueling public debate and that interest you the most.
**Choose your controversy wisely. You will use your research for this essay to construct the third major assignment for the course: the Public Argument. Itas your responsibility to make sure enough sources are available for you to write an argument you can support with outside evidence.
Once youave chosen a controversial issue, you are ready to begin your investigation. Find as many arguments about this controversy as you can, in several forms. To help you focus your search, phrase the issue in the form of a research question. Find a focusing question and examine the main arguments. Try to avoid a?yes-noa? questions that would lead you into oversimplified pro-con arguments. Instead, phrase your question so that it opens the possibility for multiple answers. For example, instead of asking, a?Does the U.S. need to drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness?a?, you might take this perspective: a?What would be the effects of drilling for oil in the Alaskan wilderness on the economy and on the environment?a? The second question would help you find more complex answers on the Alaskan oil issue and put you in a better position to make your own well-informed argument later.
After you have researched your issue, you will present your findings in an essay, in which you examine and analyze each of the viewpoints youave found. At the end of this essay, you will explain which viewpoint(s) you find most credible and why. As you examine each viewpoint, make sure that you present it fairly. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each viewpoint, whether you agree or disagree with it. Present the arguments in your own words, using quotes and paraphrases where appropriate to illustrate the arguments. You will need to analyze as well as present the arguments, so use pertinent quotes or paraphrases to illustrate strong points and flaws in the argument as well. Use sources to 1) illustrate, 2) clarify, or 3) provide examples to analyze or refute.

Please Avoid Polarizing or Beaten-into-the-Cold-Hard-Ground Controversies.
Choose an engaging, current (you need to be able to get up-to-date sources) issue with a range of valid perspectives. Youall want to choose an issue that is not polarizing or that has been argued to a standstill. For instance: abortion, the death penalty, the legalization of marijuana, or any other issue loved and plagiarized by high school students everywhere. Instead, I want you to gravitate toward a controversy that you are not only engaged in discussing but that you think you can and should investigate further because the issue matters to you and is not easily resolved by one stagnant and polarized view.
For these reasons, and to aid you on your research journey, you will submit a brief proposal to me that discusses the controversy you wish to research and persuades me that it is a fitting, rich, and engaging controversy. I will approve the proposal or ask you to find another topic, so it is wise to talk with me and to do adequate research before submitting your proposal.
Source Requirements (6 minimum)
a? At least three (3) of the sources must be current articles (published after December, 2011, or later) from newspapers, magazines, or academic journals.
a? At least three (3) must be scholarly sources.
a? To a?usea? a source means that you paraphrase or quote something from the source inside your essay at least once and list the source on your Works Cited page. Dictionary definitions, while useful, will not count as a source.
a? You must submit photocopies of the sources together with your essay. You must highlight in the sources what you a?usea?.
Documentation Style: Use MLA style for in-text citations and works cited pages. All sources should be properly documented, whether they are summarized, paraphrased, or quoted. Consult Rules for Writers.