Nvironmental Regulation and Business Strategy in UK and Scotland

This is an assignment in Environmental Law in Uk, please note references should be by harvard style, preferable all date and information from UK websites ( SEPA, DEFRA and others, and books and academic journals as well as your words. 3000 words.

This is the assignment :

You are an environmental law consultant and have been approached by members of a community group, Auchenshuggle Green Action (AGA). They are aware that the Scottish Executive has required local authorities to investigate and identify suitable locations for waste facilities in their areas, and believe that their local authority (Auchenshuggle Council, AC) may be planning to construct a waste-to-energy incineration plant in their area. They understand that there is a need for such installations, especially as the Auchenshuggle area now has very limited landfill capacity, but they are very concerned as to the possible environmental implications of such a project.

Produce a report for AGA, assessing the regulatory regimes applicable to such a plant. You should not focus on the land use planning dimensions, but you should make reference to the framework for waste management planning, the role of strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment, and the granting of an IPPC permit. You should identify the opportunities for public participation in the regulatory frameworks that you address.