Nvironmental Research paper in need of a great thesis / topic…please help asap

Pick a broad topic and narrow it down into a very spefic topic:
Global Warming
Mountaintop Removal and Strip Mining
Endangered Species

My teacher needs a topic asap so please run a few thesis paragraphs by me and I will email my teacher and when she approves one I will email you back with the go and you can start on the paper. Please and thanks

Write a paper that identifies the issue with a brief history of the problem. Discuss who or what is directly affected by it and how this particular problem affects the environment in general. What if anything is being done to correct this problem? What are teh overall ramifications to the environment you can see tas a result of this problemeither being corrected or ignored? Your conclusion should be drawn out of your research.

Use scholarly journals, reperatable news sources and please use some of the text book I will fax over later