Nvironmental science ((Drug Analysis Color Test))

This paper is on the ((Drug Analysis Color Test))

I have this Environmental lab class in which I was assigned to write a paper on how did this ((Drug Analysis Color Test)) came to be...
Write when this Drug Analysis Color Test found out was
How did they stumble upon it?
Who were the ones who found it out?
And what was the purpose of finding out this Drug Analysis Color Test

Write a 3 page paper on this Drug Analysis Color Test

Use as many sources ass you need

At least one of the sources must be a book, and any quotes from the book  please write the page number . That is really important

I will upload the Lab report that I did in class (I had a 100% on this lab report) and the procedure of the (Drug Analysis Color Test) so you would know which one it is.

Also please cite the sources at the end on the paper