Nvironmental Science: Strategies for sustainability

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: THE ESSAYIST:How can I send you a pdf which contains articles less than a page each or how can I upload it for you?.

I need a 1(one)FULL page paper in any style it doesnt matter. No Titles or anything but the two paragraphs:
There should be two paragraph taking as reference the 2 articles I will send to you .
Paragraph 1 should have a one sentence definition of how a?youa? define
sustainability. This paragraph should also describe if your definition resemble or differ from the
visions of THE ESSAYIST of the articles. You must explain how/why it resembles or differ (do not just place
a?yesa?/a?noa?) this paragraph should have a maximum of two sentences total.
Paragraph 2 this is the a?bulka of the paper which ask you to create a list of
elements of a sustainability community; Please first list 3 that are a?NOTa? in the article.
you some ideas, but you are not limited to these chapters. Then out of the three that you have
listed, select two and elaborate on them on what steps you will take to realize this vision. Do not
use any type of recycling anywhere in the paper.
-There should be a no numbers, bullets or listing, please write your answers in two paragraph.a
All answers must consist of explanations, discussions and intelligent reasoning with
-A citation page is needed(no particular style,any)4-6 REFERENCES from 3 different books. And from websites, articles, texts.. if you desire it.
-1.5 spacing (please ensure you have this, not double space); Times New Roman Fonts only;
size 12.

NOTE: do not use any of the sustainable examples used in the articles or any types of recycling. Instead creative ideas. As minimum plagiarism hopefully less than 15%.
Please contact me any time any how if questions.