Nvironmental scientist a conservation biologist

Writing an argument about (Environmental scientist a conservation biologist) but not as paragraph. Just write the points and explain them a bit more, just like doing a presentation.

The writing must includes following:

3) Explain several pieces of evidence that led you to your conclusion. Demonstrate your mastery of the issue and knowledge of the facts. Most people should present several lines of reasoning (e.g. two to four) that support their positions. In some cases, you may have a singular, overwhelmingly powerful piece of evidence that your argument is based on. If you build a compelling argument around one major piece of evidence, that is fine.
4) Give a statement about what the opposition is saying, and why they are wrong
5) To wrap-up, you might state why your position is good not only for you, but for the region, or society in general.

And here are some useful sources: