Nvironmental Sustainability Audit Business MBA

# Environmental Sustainability Audit: Assess the organization s commitment to environmental sustainability and propose recommendations for environmental-sustainability improvements in its structure, systems, and/or practices. The following questions may be used, as relevant, to guide this assessment: (a) Is environmental sustainability ingrained in the organization s mission, systems, and governance structure? (b) Does the organization impose environmental standards on and seek to acquire environmentally friendly products and materials from its suppliers? (c) What specific operational practices are in place to minimize environmental damage? (d) To what extent does the organization encourage and reward environmental responsibility in its employees workplace behaviors? (e) To what extent are the products and services delivered by the organization to its customers eco-friendly? (f) What current practices pose a long-term risk to the environment and what, if anything, does the organization do to mitigate their impact? (g) What is financial and environmental impact of the organization s environmental-sustainability policies and practices (or lack thereof)? (h) Does the organization make information about its environmental performance (e.g., carbon footprint) available to customers and other stakeholders? (i) What areas of business or consumer demand for environmentally sustainable products and services may present current or future opportunities for the organization? (i) Is the organization benefiting (or could it benefit) from environmental ratings systems? (j) What specific policies or practices should the organization implement to improve its environmental-sustainability performance?