Nvironmental transformation in newly industrializing countries of East & Southeast Asia

What is include:
In your research paper you should firstly introduce the region of your study (e.g. where is it, what is it like, who lives there, etc.) Then you need to analyze the nature of the issue, describe the research data and methods (if any), characterize geographic patterns discovered, provide possible explanations for the observed patterns, and discuss the future outlook or policy implication of the issue. In other words, in addition to describing what the issue is, and what its impact is on the region, you need to think about and discuss when and why the issue arose in the first place, and what is likely to happen in the future (i.e. worsen or improve?).

You are required to consult sources such as books or journal articles. You should make reference to at least one academic source other than the textbook. You must clearly cite any sources you use. The referencing system you use is up to you (e.g. APA citation style or MLA citation style), but it must be consistent, and the reader must be able to determine exactly where you got the material from.