Ny brand(not well known) about fact finding, creative brief, branded content concept and engagement concept

First. Pick a brand.
Pick a brand that needs help with their advertising. Ideally, pick a brand that has bad or non-existent advertising. DO NOT pick brands that have good advertising already or that have large national advertising campaigns. That means dont pick brands like McDonalds, GEICO, Apple, VW, Coke, Nike, Toyota or Allstate. DO NOT copy, re-use or refresh any existing ads, campaigns, other student work etc. Your project needs to be your own original work/ideas in everything you turn in for this assignment.

Follow all format requirements. If you dont follow formatting, at least 5 points will be deducted.
Your assignment should also follow the order listed below.

PART ONE: FACT FINDING (10 Points Total)
In this part, you need to list what you consider the most important facts about your brand, your brands main competitor (your choice but it needs to make sense) and your target audience.
Be specific!
Just so were clear, youll need:
Top 10 Facts about the brand you picked (4points)
Top 10 Facts about your target audience (4 points)
Top 5 facts about your main competitor you choose who that is (2 points)
Use this information for your creative brief in part two.

Youll need to write a one page creative brief. If it is over one page, youll get points off.
Youre required to use the following CREATIVE BRIEF TEMPLATE below.
2 What is the Product or Service?
2 Who/what is the competition? Brief description of your situation as well.
2 Who are we talking to?
2 What consumer need or problem do we address?
2 What does the consumer currently think of us?
3 What one thing do we want them to believe?
3 What can we tell them that will make them believe this? ( supporting evidence)
1 What is the tone or tonality of the advertising?
(We went over brief writing in class. Again, use subheads so we know what the content is for each section that means writing out subheads like Who were talking to etc. Then put the content below each section. If you dont do this, youll get points off. We want to make sure were looking at the right content in the correct section so label with subheads.)

2 Points for following directions and formatting correctly
6 points for overall quality, effort and rationale of the brief

Create and describe an innovative branded entertainment/branded content execution concept for your brand. If you think it would be helpful to include images or sketches to explain, include that on a separate piece of paper. Be specific, yet concise in your description.

Come up with an innovative engagement execution concept for your brand from one of the categories you can choose below. This is the part where you get to create an integrated brand promotion example. Discuss specifically what the promotional execution would entail and basic overall logistics needed to execute. Again if images or sketches would help illustrate your idea, include it on a separate piece of paper.

Concepts for this will be specific to the physical interaction or engagement between a brand and its audience. The goal of engagement is to elicit an emotion, action or response from the target audience.

Ambient This category include executions other than billboards and posters that appear in public places that engage the target audience in various manners. This may include, but is not limited to, street furniture and installations. It differs from experiential in that it does not require the brand to take an active role once the installation is completed.

Event This category is simply a promotional event of some type.

Experiential This category is the live interaction or experience that the target audience may have with a brand or idea and may include physical installations or digital displays. It differs from ambient in that it requires the brand to take an active role in executing the experience.

Guerrilla Unique, engaging and thoughtprovoking concepts/stunts that promote buzz and typically include unconventional means of advertising such as graffiti or flash mobs.

*Total organization

Please please please read carefully above the requirement and follow the step by step!! if you are still confused on about that let me know(by cell phone or e mail) I can send you sample of the assignment!