Ny case or Industry answer economic questions in paper

aEssay 300 words, any case or firm. Answer these questions.Why was the firm investigated for antitrust behavior?, Indentify some of the costs(pecuniary & nonpecuniary) associated with the antitrust behavior firms having power in the mare. Note specific anti trust act (sherman act, clayton act under which the biolation was investigated. Given our research & findings are a monoolpolies& oligopolies always bad for society. Provide real world example of where this may be the case. Porovide at least one example of a cse whre having a monopoly or oligopoly may benefit the society. Include thise key concepts in your paper Monopolu market structure, oligopoly market structure, barries to entry into the market , natural monopoly, government monopoly, downward sloping demand curve, economies of scale, price fixing, collusion, monopoly pricing price maker