Ny interesting topics are related to statistics time series

Here is the assignment, and I want you to choose really interesting topics! Please include the R code and give me the citation where the data from in one page at the end of paper. Please dont be plagiarized since the professor will know. Dr Brillinger who teaches time series (stat 153) in UC Berkeley.

This Paper is meant to provide some fun for you. Think broadly
about which data set you will work with. These days statisticians get to work on basically anything and contemporary computing packages and devices make it easy and often surprising.
The Data. The data are meant to be from a time series. Think of something you are interested in, be it: biology, physical science, social science, finance, sports, engineering, daily life, government, … All of these subjects lead to time series data and in many cases the data are available quite directly via internet search engines, eg. Google.
Try to obtain at least 250 successive, equi-spaced observations. It is recommended that the series be approximately stationary.

Using the statistical package R complete the following analyses.
1. Graph the data.
2. Detrend as necessary.
3. Carry out a time-side analysis and a frequency-side analysis or a hybrid..
4. Check the assumptions.
5. Draw conclusions.
Remember to include statistical uncertainties going along with the estimates.
The Paper
a) Have title and sections: Introduction, the Data, Analysis, Conclusions, References
b) Describe the data and source.
d) Start with i??The scientific question motivating my work is … .i??
dd) For each of the analyses discuss the results. Do not simply cut-and-paste computer output. Highlight your final models.
e) End with i??The answer to my question is …i??
f) Include pertinent figures and programs.
g) Have the write up at most pages long, typed, point size 12, double-spaced, margins 1i??. Figures are to be included in those ? pages. (No reading past page 10.)
h) Include code after page ? if you wish.
i) Please slide a hard copy of your Paper under my office door, 417 Evans, anytime before 12:00 Monday ?.

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I attach the essay prompt and the link of sample essay ( yhwang.PDF ). Please following the format of the sample essay and please pick topic that really interested ( computer game, sports, foods etc…)