Ny it should be something with television, or Web sites, or films

Introduction to Media analysis 1

Supplementary assessment sheet

This module introduces basic concepts in understanding the mass media through examining media forms and structures. Through directed reading supported by weekly tutor-led seminars and interactive learner-led presentations, Learners will begin to develop critical analytical skills which should raise awareness and understanding of mass media production and consumption which should inform the development of their own creative projects.

Component 1 (100%)

Learners will research and submit an assay of approximately 200 words, chosen from one of the topic areas discussed within the tutor-led seminars.
They will make reference to a (or series of) media product(s) of their choice (From television, film, photography, web sites, computer games or multimedia products), to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between the topic area and their chosen field of study.

Learners should always select subjects that they have a keen interest in and / or that they feel relevant to an aspect of their chosen course of study.

Full bibliography information will be required as an essential and professional component of the assay (reading list, filmography, web sites etc.) and learners are required to reference material beyond that of the directed reading.

It is the student s responsibility to ensure that they are clear about their subject before they start researching and writing the assay.


My first assay was with semiotics, now I want it to be about intertextuality.

Area of study: can be either film or photography any subject but always linked to intertextuality, as long as it got all bibliography and notes that will be great.

attached will come my last assay with semiotic subject just to give an idea. The supplementary Assessment Sheet