Ny of the topics enclosed in ORDER DETAILSdocument attached

1. Many people think the world is no more violent now than it has been through the ages of civilization. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not?
2. Will the global environment continue to deteriorate?
3. Will the state wither away? Will international organizations and nongovernmental organizations play a more prominent role in IR and world politics?
4. Are interdependence and globalization inevitable?
5. Is the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction inevitable?
6. Will terrorism become the preeminent international security issue and create crises of authority for governments?
7. Is human security a useful analytical concept? Does it provide policymakers with guidance?
8. Will human rights improve around the world?
9. Do we have any responsibility to a broader humanity? Only to ourselves, family, community, or state?

Structure of Paper
Please note: You must address each of the following parts in constructing your final paper:
1. Give a strong introductory statement in which you take a position on your chosen topic.
2. Give the historical/social background to your chosen topic.
3. Outline how different conceptual perspectives (realism, etc.) might approach the topic.
4. Give your position and clearly and strongly support your position (a minimum of 8-10 substantive sources are required.