Ny topics,i will show the detail on instructions

For this final project, we will put the skills we have been developing during the first two projects into the service of a project that may seem to be more like the kind of written work you may have imagined doing in college. This project will ask you, again, to call upon your interests. You will select the topic, purpose, and audience for your final project. But most importantly, you will choose to investigate an issue or topic that is important to you based upon things you hope to learn about that issue or topic. Think of this assignment as an opportunity to ask questions and find answers–not an opportunity to report on something you already know.

its like a research paper

A successful response to this assignment will fulfill the mission articulated in your revision statement, will be documented according to MLA citation style, will cite no fewer than 5 authoritative sources, will address a non-expert audience of your peers (i.e., us, your classmates), will be carefully edited, and will be 4-5 pages in length (1000-1250 words) plus a Works Cited page.