We were advised not to rewrite the practical schedule and to only include materials and methods if there was a departure from them which there wasnt so please do not include this section all together!
The first document attached is just an overview of what the lecturer wants in general, the following files are ones containing specific information on the practical.
Please ignore any reference to practical B this is a separate report but some of the instructions were joined therefore I couldnt exclude the references to that practical
Also Practical A is used synonymously to the experiment ELISA of plasma IgM so please take note of any comments referring to it.
Excel will often make mistake with creating a graph for the results and attempt to make a straight lineif this happens our graphs wont be marked. Please ensure the graph shows a curve. If excel is not permitting this, could you please draw this by hand? Our readings for G are far too high and therefore F should be used along with the graph to extrapolate what G should have been. Please comment on why this error might have occurred?
Please note the instructions we were given were rather vague in terms of what exact points should be answered in the lab report and we were advised further emails with clarifications will be sent out. I will let you know if I receive any further information
We were made aware of the fact that the more explanatory reports are the ones that complete the task better.
Thank you