O 10 on 1 with the newspaper article assigned by my professor

1. In your introduction, start by noting (panning on) an interesting pattern or tendency you have found in your evidence. Explain what attracted you to it why you find it potentially significant and worth looking at. This paragraph would end with a tentative theory (working thesis) about what this pattern or tendency might reveal or accomplish.

2. Zoom in on your representative example, pick a smaller part out of the larger pattern

3. Argue for the examples representativeness and usefulness in coming to a better understanding of your chosen subject.

4. Do 10 on 1 analyze your representative example sharing with your readers your observations (what you notice) and your tentative conclusions (answers to the So what? QUESTION). Then use complicating evidence to refine your claims.

5. If you have already reached the word limit, you can move to the conclusion at this point. Conclude with a qualified, refined version of your thesis and brief commentary on what youve accomplished that is, the ways in which your analysis has illuminated the large subject.

6. If you desire to make your paper longer, you could begin constellating organizing the essay by exploring and elaborating the connections among your representative examples analyzed via 10 on 1. In the language of the film analogy, you would move from your initial zoom to another zoom on a similar case, to see the extent to which the thesis you evolved wish your representative example needed further adjusting to better reflect the nature of your subject as a whole. Repeat this process until you think your thesis is sophisticated enough