O Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) Cause War?

0. Answer to the question should be YES.

*A suggested hook and thesis statement:
a. Hook: religion always preach peace; so why is there war?
b. Thesis statement: Abrahamic religions cause war only through misunderstanding, or misuse. (There should be 3 reasons (or main points) but 2 are fine as long as I am providing 10 pages. Also, each main point should have at least 3 sub points)

1. Must have 10 pages (Works Cited page is 11. Outline page is 12).
2. Must have an outline

3. Must have 6 sources (2 books, 2 journals, and 2 reliable websites).
4. Must have 12 quotations (preferred 2 quotes from each source).

*Suggested sources: (Why suggested? Approved by the instructor. You can use others though)
a. Almond Ian. Two faiths, one banner: when Muslims marched with Christians across Europes battlegrounds. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University, 2009.
b. Frose, Paul, F.Carson Menchen. A U.S. Holy War? The Effects of Religion on Iraq War policy Attitudes.Social Science Quartery 90.1 (2009): 103-116.
c. Freeman, Tvzi. Does Religion Cause War?Chabad.org.
d. Price, Tom. Religion Causes War.Bethinkink.org.
e. Purzycki, Benjamin grant, Kyle Gibson. Religion and Violence.skeptic Magazine 16.2 (2011): 22-27.
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