O an essay according to the instruction

With reference to both academic sources and primary research, critically evaluate the factors influencing student leisure participation.

The assignment requires you to conduct research in the area of student leisure participation and present your findings in the form of a research report. Specifically you are asked to:-

Carry out a literature review
Design a questionnaire
Administer the questionnaire to a sample of the student population
Describe and analyse your results

The research report must include:-

This should be short and accurately reflect the content of the report.

Introduction (250 words)
Should introduce the reader to the topic, outlining the aims of the research.

Literature review (500 words)
A review of the literature in your chosen field of research. Reference should be made to books and academic journals such that an understanding of the key issues in the area is demonstrated.

Research methodology (1,000 words)
As the method of data collection has been pre-determined, discussion should be restricted to justification of the questions asked in the questionnaire, questionnaire administration and issues of sampling, reliability and validity.

Results (1,000 words)
Discussion and analysis of results supported by use of appropriate presentation methods and descriptive and inferential statistics.

Conclusion (250 words)
Summary of major findings and suggestions for further research.

List of all sources used during the research. All references cited in the text must be listed alphabetically in the University standard format.

Assessment criteria
Introduction 5%
Literature review 10%
Research methodology 20%
Questionnaire design 20%
Discussion and analysis of results 30%
Conclusion 5%
Referencing/bibliography 5%
Presentation 5%

Write no more than 3,000 words

Just want to add to the instruction here.

First, you need to make a questionnaire, about Sports Survey, Please make about 9 questions, for example like: what sports do you like the most, how often do you do sports, how do you usually like to do sports with. Questions like these. Then can you answer it differently 15 times, then do a SPSS with the result of the questionnaire.

Then finish the essay followed by the instructions above i provided.