O Chagall s Depictions of David Reflect His Intense Religiosity?

The prose outline of the paper is attached in the document called  bible lit research proposal. The topics I want you to discuss should be self-explanatory, but if you have any questions don t hesitate to ask. The  research paper instructions documents has grammar guidelines that you HAVE to follow. The  bible response paper 3  copy 2 document is a mini version of the final paper. It just briefly touches on what the final paper will discuss. The paintings used for this paper can found in  chagalls David paintings for final. There are four. I picked them in pairs so it would be easier to organize in the paper: two on the story concerning David and Bathsheba, and then Absalom (as discussed in  response paper 3  copy 2 ) and two on David and Saul. If the pairs are found in two books, mention the names in the intro; but they should all be found in the Old Testament, regardless. The rest of the documents you can just open and find for yourself what they contain. They are all clearly labeled.

I would like a draft of at least half the paper by midweek (Wednesday) so I can make corrections early on and not be bombard with it all at once. Also, so my professor can give me early feedback. Even though it is a ten pg paper, your writing should be clear and tight; i.e., don t ramble. You can run out of room fast in a double-spaced ten pg paper if you re not careful. Don t include the paintings with the paper itself, endnote them instead. Don t use footnotes, unless you have to state something that can t be included in the paper itself. Instead, cite in the body of the writing in parenthesis. There is a bibliography of resources for you to use in the research proposal document, but if there is something else you d like to use, you can. In the book by Bar-Yosef (website provided in bibliography) she cites her own resources that you can use for this paper, two in particular that can be used here. I havent included them in the bibliography, so if you do use them, add them as well.