O Classical Realists show that there is no place for morality in international politics?

Do not focus on introduction(Iave already have ideas about my introduction), I need strong arguments for and against. Use more books, not online sources. Also an important point is to present your own coherent theoretical argument.


Always plan your answer:

What is your answer to the question?

What are the steps you will need to show that it is a good one?

What evidence can you provide? Which theorists can you discuss?

What are the main topics you need to address?

What are the main sources you will draw upon?

Argument /content :
a series of related points which justify and explain your answer a divide it up into blocks
Think about the point at which you discuss or mention issues a will the logic or your argument be clear?
Use the literature to provide support and explore possible objections to your position

Not just an afterthought
Reminds the reader of your key points and your argument
End on a high!

Your essay is an opportunity to show what you know about the IR theories and issues covered in the course

You demonstrate your familiarity with theories and the literature by identifying and presenting relevant information

It is also an opportunity to show that you can think theoretically and critically about IR by:

Reflecting on key concepts and theories

Reflecting on the question

Presenting your own coherent theoretical argument