O Domestic Violence Prevention Programs Work?

Step 6: Write a Summary to Answer Your Research Questions

You paper should have an introduction, a discussion, and a conclusion:

The introduction is a short preview of your paper. Its purpose is to let the reader know what your paper will be about.

The discussion or body of you paper follows the introduction and is the meat of your paper. If you are discussing research you want to assume that your readers have little to no knowledge about the research you will discuss. As such, you must first educate them about it. This is when you can use your annotated bibliography as a guide to help create the body of your paper. You want to discuss your research questions and the information you have found that helps you answer the question.

Finally, the conclusion is a brief summary of the important points of your paper. You should not reiterate everything you have written, nor should you include new information. If relevant, you may also suggest a course of action or a new area of research that should follow the research you discussed in the body portion of your paper.


Double Space Your Annotated Bibliography and Summary of Literature!!!