O electronics negatively impact people psychologically ?

This is a reacher question paper. what i mean by the topic for electronics is (phones and internet only ). I want a paper that talks about the negative impact only but only one page for the counterargument. you could talk about social skills and communication addiction and what ever you like . The Dr is very cares about how you set up you claim and how to write the reason and back it up with evidences

She wants for everything you write has reasons and evidences.

all sources should be from my university library
this is the link :

you will find a box you write what you want to search about then you click on the article that you like it will say to you Full text available via ….. when you click on that it will ask you for VCU ID and password

the ID is : Alkhawajahmm
password : Mk1993mk capital M in the first.

please if you have question feel free to talk to me anytime. It is very important paper for me.

Take your time even if you want more than 10 days because its the major assignment for the semester and its worth 45% of the grade so please take you time and enjoy writing this paper. I need to get an A so bad and you know this paper is costing me a lot of money