O Federal Reserves tapering announcements hit US mortgage REITs stock return?

This is an essay for 100% exam mark for a MSc Real Estate Finance degree. Please make sure the language used in this essay is native and without grammar error. (I am not a native English user). I attached the requirements for this essay below:
This essay or report should focus on the following tasks. The emphasis given to the tasks may
differ according to the question(s) you tackle:
1. Identify a preliminary research topic and the reasons for investigating this topic.
2. Examine and briefly describe the available data sources.
3. Develop a critique of these data sources.
4. Analyse the alternative techniques or methods of analysis that could be used to interrogate
these data and identify the most appropriate techniques/methods.
5. Reflect on necessary refinements to the research question and any preliminary conclusions
you are able to reach.
6. Produce a separate, one page summary of the proposed research project summarising the
conclusions of your analysis of Points 1-5.

The essay is around 3450 excluding the table. It should be around 3300 including the one-page executive summary.