O female entrepreneurs have different leadership styles than employed female managers?

Do female entrepreneurs have different leadership styles than employed female managers? As the current impact of female-owned enterprises is high and is projected to grow further in the Western world, our research question proves to be of significance. There is an increasing research on the leadership-gender debate, hence increasing evidence on the leadership styles of female managers in general. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurial aspect has not yet been developed, even if numbers suggests that female entrepreneurs are growing rapidly. Therefore, the goal of the current study is to initiate research in this topic. Women entrepreneurs were sampled in order to assess their leadership style. From this analysis, using narrative research as a form of qualitative research methodology, an empirical model of leadership of female entrepreneurs was developed.

I am having problems putting together literature first of all and then obviously writing the lit review. It is a 3500word qualitative research but roughly 700 words are neccessary for the lit review. I am mainly struggling with deciding how to go about the question, whether to access literature on female leadership and leadership of business owners or go about it some other way. Also, I found tons of articles on gender and leadership but bearly anything on leadership of business owners. Please bear in mind that the lit review is important for the further progress of the project. The number of references is just an indication that I would say is appropriate for the type of project, but please adjust as needed, dont feel pushed to include a reference “just because”. If there are any concerns please contact me ASAP. Thank you!

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A brief review of the literature, whereby the relevance of the problem confronted is reinforced by reference to prior research”