O first-born children end up more financially successful?

proposed research question:br /
Do first-born children end up more financially successful?br /
br /
br /
When/Time past 40 yearsbr /br /
Where/place First world countriesbr /br /
What/event financially successfulbr /br /
Who/Person first-bornbr /br /
br /br /
br /br /
Paper 1: (1 page) br /br /
Summarize your understanding of the difference between scientific inquiry and everyday assumptions. Write a one page paper displaying your understanding of these differences. It may help to pretend that a friend or family member asked you to explain this to them. How would you explain to a friend or family member the difference between scientific inquiry and everyday assumptions? As many of us learn from examples, be sure to provide one example of learning through scientific inquiry, and one example of learning through everyday assumptions.br /br /
br /br /
Paper 2: (1 page) br /br /
br /br /
Paper 3: (1 page) br /br /
Using valid research resources and websites, locate two studies (one qualitative and one quantitative). Submit a paper comparing the quantitative and qualitative studies. Please be sure to discuss data collection methods, data analysis methods, and the role of variables, hypothesis, etc. Cite any reference used.br /br /
br /br /
Paper 4: (1 page) br /br /
submit a one page document justifying the feasibility and qualitative nature of the research proposal. Provide specific APA ethical codes (with their respective code numbers) that might have implication on the proposed research question and how the study will fill gaps in current research.br /br /
br /br /
Paper 5: (2 page) br /br /
write a half page summary of each of the three referencesbr /br /
~The Literature Review: What is it and why do it?br /br /
-br /
~Critically Analyzing Information Sources by Cornell University Librarybr /br /

~Literature Reviewsbr /br /
-http;//htmlbr /br /
br /br /
Paper 6: (1 page) br /br /
Find five (peer-reviewed) scholarly articles that pertain to my research question (Cite these sources using APA format). Using these five articles, create an annotated bibliography. Be sure to use proper APA formatted references and citations.br /br /
br /br /
Paper 7: (1 page) br /br /
Create 5 qualitative interview questions that will be used to collect qualitative data for the final research paper. Create open-ended questions that you would use to interview participants. Write a brief justification for each question, providing support as to why it is qualitative in nature and why it will produce qualitative data.