O first person shooter video games affect the players perception of violence?

Research based print of McLuhanas the medium is the massage with text and visuals to:

a?reflect some aspect of how the person views specific 21st century information technologies as affecting perception
a?predict changes for the future
General Requirements
Use the McLuhan text as a model, though you may experiment with form. Consider how McLuhan incorporates original ideas, quotation, typeface and layout changes, cartoons, and images for effect. The project should contain:
a?At least three original visuals* a Photos that you create and edit, screenshots, your own graphic designs, charts or graphs that you make , including at least one original chart, table, or graph based on quantitative data* (preferably, use all original visuals a avoid using images found online unless absolutely necessary to convey meaning or clarify a point).
a ¦ASAt least one of the significant required readings in the course: Gleick, McLuhan, Shannon/Weaver, Bush, Blackmore, and/or Dawkins
a ¦ASAt least two additional scholarly sources*
a ¦ASAt least one source containing quantitative data from research study* (you may use this to create the chart, table, or graph)
a ¦ASOne primary source: either a personal interview or survey (interview notes and survey instrument will be submitted with the project)
a?At least 75% original content